Kansas Seed Company
Lawrence, Kansas

The Kansas Seed Company, operated by F. W. Barteldes, grew and imported seed which it then marketed throughout the plains states.  Along with a traveling sales force, they operated at least two seed stores.  One in Lawrence, Kansas and the other in Denver, Colorado.

Figure 1

Figure 2

This image (circa 1900) is of the store located at 804 Massachusetts Street.  The structure was damaged by fire in 1904 and again in 1997.  The cast-iron storefront has survived.

View of the Barteldes Seed Company at 1616 Champa Street in Denver, Colorado; signs advertise Pratts Poultry Regulator, Puppy Biscuits, Red Cross, and Woolworth Co.

Figure 3

Figure 4

View of Barteldes Seed Warehouse on 16th (Sixteenth) and Wynkoop Streets in Denver, Colorado, a brick building with a fire escape. Billboard reads: "Kuner's Pork And Beans, Made In The Cleanest Kitchen In The Cleanest Town."

Photo credits:

  1. Figure 1 is from "A Souvenir History of Lawrence, Kansas", 1898, compiled and published by E. F. Caldwell, Lawrence, Kansas. Copyright 1997, Lawrence Public Library.

  2. Figure 2 of the Kansas Seed Company is from the collection of the Watkins Community Museum of History.  Copyright 1997, Lawrence Public Library.

  3. Figure 3 is from the Denver Public Library.

  4. Figure 4 is from the Denver Public Library from a photograph by photo by Harry M. Rhoads.


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Miscellaneous Notes:

BARTELDES, ARMIN G. Seed company exec; seed expert; b Lawrence, Kansas , Jan 23, 1897; educated Lawrence public schools; Kansas Univ. LL B, Phi Kappa Psi; m Josephine G Martin, Kansas City, Missouri, June 14, 1918; children Fredrick W. and Ann. With Barteldes Seed Co 1918; member H I P Club (past pres); Colorado Seedmen's Assn (ex-pres); Kansas Alumni Assn (former secretary); Gyro; home, Littleton; office, 1521 15th, Denver.

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