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      Small Electric Winnower      

Design placed in the Public Domain by Allen Dong and Roger Edberg
I-Tech - P.O. Box 413, Veneta OR 97487

Figure 1 - Small electric winnower with metal stand.


The winnower separates seeds from chaffs by blowing the less dense chaff away from the seeds as the seeds fall down a column of air. The seed and chaff mixture is placed in the winnower inlet (A).

Seeds and denser material drop down the air column (C, D and E) and exit at the bottom (E). The less dense material drops down to the air column at "C" and is blown out through the top (C).

The blower (G) pushes air in at (F) and out through the top (C). The airflow is regulated with a baffle that partially block the air intake on the blower ("G" -  Dayton 4C443). Alternatively, use a DC motor (e.g. Dayton 2C646) and a variable DC power supply to adjust the blower motor speed.




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