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Welcome!  This site is intended as a tool to foster the sharing of information pertaining to historical horticulture and to promote the preservation of significant commercially released and family heirloom cultivars.

January 28, 2018 Update - This site has been a pet project of mine for over twenty years now. Although the work and information is very important, the demands of day-to-day responsibilities combined with a lack of additional support prevent me from developing this into the premier site I envision. That said, I do actively work on the site, I am keeping our holdings databases up-to-date, and I have dreams of working on the library facilities this coming summer so please do check back!

STOP . . . Don't throw out those old catalogs!  Along with using the "Donate" button, another way that you can actively help, both this library as well as the seed variety preservation work of the Victory Seed Company, is to donate those old horticulture related books, bulletins, magazines and of course, seed catalogs.  We have a very limited budget for acquisitions so donations are greatly appreciated.

~Mike Dunton

"Sharing information is the first step towards building community".

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The Seedsman Hall of Fame

Honoring individuals who have had an impact on the history of horticultural.

  Seed Company Histories

A growing collection of the histories of seed companies.

  Tool & Equipment Information

Information and ideas from practical experience.

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The Historical Horticulture Library

Providing reference materials for the serious plant historian and researcher.



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