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Researching and documenting the pedigrees of individual cultivars is an integral part of the  preserving heritage seeds.  Through this work it has become evident that certain individuals and organizations stand out for the accomplishments of their work.

The following list of individuals is certainly not inclusive and will grow as time and resources permit. These people and their work all have had an impact on the seed industry and agriculture in general.

Seedsman Hall of Fame

Baggett, James R. Lobitz, Robert H.
Bailey Jr., Liberty Hyde Maule, William Henry

Barnes, Carl L.

May, Earl E.

Blount, Ainsworth Emery

McMahon, Bernard

Breck, Joseph

Meader, Elwyn

Buist, Robert

Mills, Frank B.

Burbank, Luther

Morse, C. C.

Burpee, David

Munger, Henry M.

Burpee, W. Atlee

Myers, Charles E.

Carman, Elbert S.

Nicolson, John Whitley

Ferry, Dexter Mason

Park, George

Field, Henry

Pearson, Oscar Harris

Frazier, William A. "Tex"

Porte, William Solomon

Gilbert, James C.

Pritchard, Frederick John

Gregory, James J. H.

Rick, Charles M.

Harris, Joseph

Salzer, John A.

Hedrick, Ulysses Prentiss

Shumway, R. H.

Henderson, Peter

Sutton, Martin Hope

Keeney, Calvin N. Taylor, Norman L.
Landreth, Burnet

Thorburn, Grant

Landreth, David Van Fleet, M.D., Walter
Landreth, David, Jr. Vick, James
Laxton, Thomas Will, Oscar H.
Livingston, Alexander W. Yeager, Albert F.


Seed Preservationists

Other Horticultural Figures

Ball Jr., George

Payne, Theodore - (Off-site Link)

Burr, Fearing

Rockwell, F. F.

Coleman, Eliot Solomon, Steve - (Off-site Link)

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