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Dr. James R. Baggett

Dr. Baggett and his tomatoes. James R. Baggett graduated with a bachelor's degree in agriculture from the University of Idaho in 1952.  He completed his doctorate in 1956 at Oregon State University.

After becoming a faculty member at OSU, he continued his work on breeding peas, beans, cabbage, and broccoli that he had begun as a graduate student.

Upon the retirement of his mentor and colleague, William A. ("Tex") Frazier in 1973, Dr. Baggett became head of the vegetable breeding program at OSU.

Dr. Baggett had a productive and fruitful, 30-year career as a vegetable Dr. Baggett - 1993breeder. His contributions were made through improvement and adaptation of many varieties of garden peas, green beans, broccoli, cabbage, sweet corn, tomatoes, carrots as well as other vegetables with a concentration on breeding and testing of vegetables for processing, fresh market, and home garden use, primarily in western Oregon. Home gardeners all over Oregon are familiar with his tomato and pea varieties, some of which are listed below.

He has published many articles and has been recognized nationally by a variety of food and agriculture organizations.  Awards include the Award for Meritorious Service (1989) from the National Pea Improvement Association, the National Food Producers Award for Raw Products Research (1978), the Agricultural Service Award (1986) and the Distinguished Service Award (1990) from the Northwest Food Processors Association.

Dr. Baggett retired in 1995 and is a professor emeritus of horticulture at Oregon State University.

Variety Introductions:  Here are some of the more that forty five vegetable varieties that Dr. Baggett introduced during his career.

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