Seedsmen Hall of Fame
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Fearing Burr, Jr.
Hingham, Massachusetts

Mr. Burr was born December 11, 1815. In connection with his elder brother Matthew, was for most of his life engaged in mercantile pursuits in Hingham, and was an intelligent and honored citizen. He died at his home in Boston in 1897.

His taste for horticulture, to which he devoted his leisure time, was highly cultivated, and to his ripe old age he retained to a remarkable degree, a relish for such pursuits, and was a fine example of the effect of the indulgence of such tastes upon the mind and character.

His quiet, unobtrusive manners and conversation attached to him many friends, and gave a peculiar charm to his life and character.

While he was an active laborer in the cause of horticulture, he conducted his business affairs with caution and fidelity, and secured the measure of success which such a course might be expected to yield.

One of is best know works was a book entitled, "Field and Garden Vegetables of America." First published in 1863, it remains a popular glimpse into the historical past of many old vegetable varieties.


Informational Resources:

  1. "Field and Garden Vegetables of America," Fearing Burr, 1863.

  2. "History of the Town of Hingham, Massachusetts," p. 106, 1893.


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