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Livingston's Headstone Photo © 2002 by - David K. Gustafson

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  1. John Livingston married Mary Graham in Cambridge, New York.  In 1815 they moved to Reynoldsburg, Ohio. They had the following children:

    1. Alexander W. Livingston, was born on October 14, 1821 in Reynoldsburg, Franklin County, Ohio.  In 1844 he married Matilda Dickey Graham, daughter of David and Nancy Graham.  They had 10 children blessed to their marriage of 46 years.  Matilda passed away in 1890.  Alexander died on November 11, 1898.  He is buried in Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio [Lot 114 Sec. 48].  See headstone image to the left.

      1. John Livingston was the first born (about 1846) and died at the age of 2 years.

      2. David Livingston, born about 1847.  Married Lotta Jane Haggler.

        1.  Paul Livingston

        2.  Ralph H. Livingston

        3.  Ella Nora Livingston

        4.  Jeanette Lee Livingston

        5.  Frank Alexander Livingston was born 1883 in Traer, Tama County, Iowa. Married Sally N. Waring.

          1. Frank Alexander Livingston, Jr.

      3. Robert Livingston, born about 1849.  Married Nettie Forrester.  Their headstone image here.

        1. Alexander Wilmer Livingston married Cleone Henry.(8)

          1. Wilma Jean Livingston married William Hale.

          2. Andrew William Livingston (died in infancy)

          3. Alan W. Livingston married Elizabeth Ann "Betty" Drake.

            1. Martha Drake Livingston

            2. Andrew William Livingston married Toby K. Pettacrew.

              1. Katherine Elizabeth Livingston

              2. Jacqueline Ann Livingston

        2. Cora Livingston.  Married Napoleon R. Sibley.4

          1. Harold Sibley

          2. Robert Sibley

          3. William Sibley

          4. Edwin "Orey" Sibley

          5. Bernice Sibley

          6. Helen Sibley

          7. Jeanette "Betty" Sibley

          8. Margaret "Peg" Sibley (4)Born December 10, 1913 in Seattle, Washington.  Married Jack D. Cavan (about 1939).  She died on November 17, 1999 in Columbus, Ohio.

            1. Margaret Cavan.  Married William Murton.

            2. Kathleen Cavan.  Married Jacob Schlosser.

        3. Helen Livingston.  Married George Hartsock. Helen born 1889 and died in 1918 at the time of notorious influenza epidemic, she and an infant child are buried together(6).  Headstone image here.

          1. Bob Hartsock

      4. Nancy Livingston.  Married John Forrester.

        1. Matilda Forrester

      5. William Donnan Livingston.  Married Grace Fuller.

      6. Ebenezer Samuel Livingston.  Married Ameldia Hunt.

        1. Freddie Livingston, b. 1877

        2. Harrie Livingston, b. 1879

      7. Mary Livingston.  Married Charles Nourse.

        1. William Livingston Nourse, b. 1877

      8. Josiah Lunn Livingston was born April 12, 1859 in Reynoldsburg, Franklin County, Ohio. He died October 22, 1943 in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio. Josiah married Miranda (Minnie) Showalter in Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa.  She was born September 21, 1866. She died October 29, 1943 in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio and was buried in Milford Center, Union County, Ohio.

        1. Robert Ralston Livingston was born June 7, 1899 in Des Moines, Polk, Iowa. He died October 10, 1958 in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio and was buried in Wesley Chapel, Hilliard, Franklin County, Ohio. Robert married Ella Ruth McCracken on June 28, 1921 in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio.  She was born on March 26, 1902 in Payette, Payette County, Idaho. She died February 13, 1997 in Lakewood, Jefferson County, Colorado and was buried in Wesley Chapel, Hilliard County, Franklin, Ohio.

          1. Barbara Ann Livingston.  Married Jack Myler DeLong.

            1. Richard Crawford DeLong

            2. Diane DeLong.  Married Dell Randolph Clark.

              1. James Arthur Clark

            3. Don Myler DeLong.  Married first to Debra Parker.  They had two children, Jodi and Donielle.  A second marriage to Ellen Margaret Haworth yielded son John.

              1. Jodi DeLong

              2. Donielle DeLong

              3. John Paul DeLong

          2. Robert Ralston Livingston, Jr. passed away August 17, 2002.(2)

            1. Lori Jean Livingston (Pisching)(2)

            2. Lynne Livingston (Pettiti)(2)

            3. Melissa Lee Livingston (Overly)(2)

      9. John Livingston.  Married Jessie Ford.

      10. Louise Livingston.  Married John Hume.


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For More Information About A. W. Livingston
Livingston and the Tomato "Livingston and the Tomato"
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First published in 1893, Livingston and the Tomato contains both descriptions and drawings of the tomato varieties he developed. The book features over sixty tomato recipes, including ones for slicing, frying, escalloping, baking, and broiling tomatoes; as well as for tomato toast, custard, soup, pie, preserves, figs, jam, butter, salad, sauce, and omelets.

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