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Frederick John Pritchard

Fred Pritchard began his career with a B.S. degree and as an assistant plant pathologist at the North Dakota Agricultural Experimental Station in Fargo.

By 1915, he had begun to apply his knowledge, coupled with plant breeding, to develop disease resistant strains of tomatoes. It was in this year, that he began carrying on the selection work of John B. S. Norton. Norton, of the Maryland station, passed along several strains of wilt-resistant varieties that he had been working on.

The first variety that Dr. Pritchard released was selected by Norton out of a badly infected field of 'Stone'. Pritchard continued the selection work and in 1917, released the tomato with the name 'Norton' to honor the man who had begun the work.

Two other strains given to Pritchard by Norton were selected from a badly infected field of 'Greater Baltimore' tomatoes.  After further selection work, Pritchard released 'Columbia' and 'Arlington' in 1918.  These three varieties were widely distributed and were the leading disease resistant varieties for many years.

Dr. Pritchard passed away in January of 1931.

Some of his other releases were:

Brief Timeline of Career Achievements:


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A list of citations of some of the work he published:

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