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Dr. John Wyche
February 4, 1911 - July 19, 1985

Dr. John WycheDr. John Wyche was a master gardener who lived on the top of a rock mountain near Hugo, Oklahoma. He moved hundreds of tons of rocks to build the walls of twenty-two terraced gardens around his home. The materials to "make" his soil had to be hauled up the mountain: leaves, sawdust, loam, pine needles, and lots of elephant manure. (He used to own Cole Bros. Circus.)

Dr. Wyche was one of the founding members of the Seed Savers Exchange. He sent out thousands of packets of free seeds each year to anyone who would send him postage and never wanted anything in return, except to help other gardeners. His seeds are scattered through this Yearbook, including some of our most valued ones which his people, the Cherokee, brought over the Trail of Tears in 1836.

Dr. Wyche enriched our project not only with his seeds, but also with his friendship. His ornery sense of humor was delightful and he was a wonderful, warm, mailbox friend to many of us. His family and countless friends will all miss him terribly.

Source:  Seed Savers Exchange 1986 Yearbook

Two of his varieties, 'Cherokee Trail of Tears' pole bean and 'Dr. Wyche's Yellow' tomato are available from the Victory Seed Company.


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