Portland Seed Company
Portland, Oregon

Research into the history of the Portland Seed Company has just been started.  We have only been able to procure two old seed catalogs.  If anyone has additional information or historical items to donated to the library and archive, please contact us.

Company BusinessThe company was established in 1892.  In the 1929 seed annual they were claiming to be "The Premier Seed House of the Northwest."

Note: Special thanks to Sally Donovan and Bruce Howard for send us a Portland Seed Company seed bag.  They found it in 2007 in the basement framing of a circa 1892 house in downtown The Dalles, Oregon.


  1. Washington's Small-Seeded Vegetable Seed Industry
  2. 1967 Tillinghast Seed Annual
  3. "An Illustrated History of Skagit and Snohomish Counties, Their People, Their Commerce and Their Resources, With an Outline of The Early History of The State of Washington - Endorsed as Authentic by Local Committees of Pioneers" (Interstate Publishing Company, 1906)
  4. Skagit County 1910 Census


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