Fees and Service Charges

Victory Horticultural Group, LLC, through the Victory Horticultural Library, serves individuals interested in horticultural history through research and documentation.  This information is provided through our public and private forums, bibliography, biography and graphic resources. This service is provided to the public as well as to scientific and scholarly communities.

Imaging Services Policy

The Victory Horticultural Group, LLC reserves the right, at its discretion and without explanation, to limit the number of copies, retain original negatives and transparencies, restrict the use or further reproduction of rare or valuable material, make special quotations on material or requests involving unique circumstances, and refuse requests that in the Victory Horticultural Group, LLC's opinion could result in damage to the original or constitute inappropriate use. The curating department evaluates the condition of all items before they are scanned or photographed. Due to the fragile condition of an artwork, book, or portrait, we may be unable to fulfill your request.

The majority of the Victory Horticultural Group, LLC's collections have not been photographed or digitized. Images are provided as a service and are made as requested.  Acceptance of all orders is subject to staff workloads.

Fees & Time Schedules

Fees apply to flat artworks, pages in publications, and photographs.

Time schedules refer to in-house photography and processing time. Charges are based on the date of completion specified by the customer and are calculated from the day the order is acknowledged and payment received. All orders not specifying a completion date are filled within 20 business days. There is a $25.00 service charge placed on all requests for 10 business days. Time schedules apply only to orders of 1 to 20 images for 20 business days and 1 to 10 images for 10 business days. Inquire about time needed to fill larger orders.

We suggest that you make requests well in advance of the actual date needed.

Digital Imaging

Imaging fees are $4.00 per image plus $4.00 per CD.  When placing orders for digital images, state:

  1. 300 or 600 DPI *

  2. File format desired JPEG or TIFF (MAC or PC).

  3. Delivery method, CD or email. Email attachments cannot be larger than 10 MB.

* 600 DPI is available only for works in the collection that can be placed on a scanner. Larger or fragile works will be photographed at 300 DPI using a digital camera.

Sizes are in inches; 1 inch = 2.54 cm.

Research Fee

Charges for photocopying and photographic services cover the costs of material and/or processing and some of, but not all, the research time needed to locate the item(s) to be reproduced. The Victory Horticultural Group, LLC, therefore, adds to the regular photocopy and/or photographic charges a research fee of $25.00 per staff hour if the time taken to locate the requested item(s) exceeds one hour, and/or more than 20 individual items are involved.

Permission and Publication Fee

The Victory Horticultural Group, LLC requires a permission application to be completed for uses of images from our collections. The application lists the image(s) being reproduced, describes the proposed use, and lists the conditions under which permission would be granted for the use of the image(s). A publication fee is charged, although it may be waived for personal, scientific  and non-profit uses, at the discretion of the Victory Horticultural Group, LLC. In addition to the publication fee charged for commercial or for-profit uses, the Victory Horticultural Group, LLC requires prepayment before providing the image and one free copy of the publication in which the image was used. Conditions may vary, and non-publication uses are handled on a case-by-case basis.

The fee is $75 per reproduction per edition/article/electronic use (includes books, journals, magazines, online journals, Web sites, electronic exhibits fees for other uses quoted on request). There is a 50% reduction in this fee for reprints and translations, but not for new editions and new uses, which require the full fee. The re-use fee is based on the current fee rate. No re-use fee is charged for simultaneous publication of a single edition in multiple media. Please inquire about fees for film or multiple uses.

Postage and Handling:

Postage and handling are based on total charge of your order. Please inquire about express shipping services.

U.S. First Class

Total order

Postage and handling

$20.00 or less $3.00
$20.01 $50.00 $4.00
$50.01 $100.00 $5.00
for each additional $100.00 add $3.00

International Orders Please Inquire.

Payment of Services

Services must be paid for in advance. Payment of services by check or money order must be in U.S. dollars.

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